Prof Karen Adolph


KAREN ADOLPH is the Julius Silver Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at New York University. She is Director of the Databrary video library and the PLAY project, and she developed the Datavyu video-coding tool. Adolph uses observable motor behaviors and a variety of technologies (video, motion tracking, instrumented floor, head-mounted eye tracking, EEG, etc.) to study development in infants and children.

Adolph completed a B.A. at Sarah Lawrence College, Ph.D. at Emory University, and postdoctoral fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She is an APA and APS Fellow and Past-President of ICIS. She received Cattell, APF Fantz Memorial, APA Boyd McCandless, ICIS Young Investigator, FIRST, MERIT, and five teaching awards. She chaired the NIH MFSR study section and serves on boards of the McDonnell Foundation, Developmental Psychobiology, and Motor Learning and Development. Adolph has 180+ publications. Her research on perceptual-motor development has been continually funded by NIH/NSF since 1991.

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