FAQ’S about the Virtual Conference

  • How Do I Register for The Virtual Conference?

    To register for the Fifth Assembly of the International Motor Development Research Consortium virtual conference, please visit the official website and click to registration tab. Follow the instructions and once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email to let you know you have successfully completed the procedure.

  • What Does the Registration Fee Include?

    The registration fee includes:

    • Virtual Congress Attendance
    • Online Submission and Registration
    • Congress Program and Digital Abstract Book
    • Password Protected Access for all Delegates
    • Access to all Sessions (live streaming)
    • Live Technical Support by Professional Staff
    • Certificate of Participation
    • Receipt of Payment (will be issued after the end of the Congress)
  • Do I Need A Zoom Account or Account in any Other Platforms to Participate in The Virtual Conference?

    No, you do not need a Zoom or any other account to participate in the virtual conference. The sessions will be available through the virtual platform that you have already registered for. In any case you will be receiving informative emails leading up to the congress.

  • What Browser Should I Use?

    We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Firefox and Safari are also compatible with the Virtual Platform. We also recommend you clear your cookies and cache prior to logging in and disable any VPN’s you may be using. To optimise the broadcast of virtual conference sessions, please do not use ‘incognito’ or ‘hidden search’ browser settings.

  • Will There Be Live Q&A During Presentations?

    During the sessions there will be an open discussion or live Q&A and you will be able to submit written questions to the presenter, depending the decision of the organising committee.

  • Will People Be Able to See and Hear Me?

    This depends on the type of session you are joining. For example, in the sessions or in Keynote Presentations your video and audio will not be shared with others. If you are joining in an Interactive workshop or Networking Function, your video and audio will be shared. In any case you will be able to understand if you video or your voice is shared to the others or not. For you to be heard and seen during interactive session, you will need to have enabled the virtual platform to access your camera and microphone.

  • How Do I Access the Virtual Platform?

    All registered attendees will receive an email notification with their personalised login details, which gives attendees the opportunity to login, update their profile and get acquainted with the virtual platform.

  • What Do I Need in Order to Participate in The Virtual Conference?

    You will need:

    1. Laptop or Desktop Computer
    2. Stable Internet connection
    3. An integrated or external camera/webcam and a microphone in order to participate in any interactive sessions or networking functions (if requested).
  • Do I Need to Download Any Software to Participate in The Virtual Conference?

    No, our virtual platform is browser based, thus it is easily accessible. As long as you have internet browsers available on your device, you will be able to join the conference.

  • What If I Encounter Technical Issues During the Virtual Conference?

    We’ve got you covered. For support during the virtual conference please click the Live Support button on the top right-hand side of the portal (red icon with a headset). One of our colleagues will be there to assist you in any problem you may have.

  • Can I Connect with Other Attendees During the Virtual Conference?

    Yes, the Meeting Hub is the right place to connect with others one-on-one, or with multiple attendees at the same time, allowing you to renew old friendships or make new acquaintances. In the Meeting Hub you can share contact details, send chat messages, video chat and set up meetings.

  • Can I Share My Login with Other People?

    No, each registered attendee will receive a personal link to the virtual conference platform that is uniquely tied to their registration, and cannot be opened on multiple devices at the same time. All information that an attendee will receive from our platform are strictly confidential and they must not be disclosed to any person.

  • Do Sessions Have A Limited Capacity?

    You don’t have to worry about that. There is no upper limit to the number of attendees who can join a session. As long as he/she/they is registered, they can join to the live sessions at any time.

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