Dr. Adamantios Arampatzis


Adamantios Arampatzis (PhD) is Professor and head of the Department of Training and Movement Sciences and Spokesperson of the Berlin School of Movement Science at the Humboldt-University Berlin. He received his PhD in Movement Science and Sports Medicine in 1995 and finished his habilitation in Biomechanics in 2002 at the German Sport University Cologne. His research deals with the interaction of the central nervous and peripheral systems, how these systems develop over the lifespan and adapt to changing environmental demands. In this context the main areas of his research focus on the adaptation of the muscle-tendon unit, neuromuscular control, locomotor adaptation and dynamic stability control in healthy and pathological conditions. The different functional organization level, e.g., muscle fascicle, muscle-tendon unit, neural control and joints are considered, aiming to understand their underlying dynamical interplay that governs effective and stable human gaits.

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