Assistant Professor Jennifer Jaya Rachwani


Jaya Rachwani is Assistant Professor at the Department of Physical Therapy, Hunter College. Rachwani has more than 12 years of clinical experience in pediatric physical therapy. She received her Physical Therapy Degree (2007) in the Department of Health Science, University of Malaga, Spain; her Masters (2009) in Neuro-Rehabilitation in the Department of Physical Therapy, San Antonio Catholic University, Spain; her Masters in Neuroscience (2010) from the Neuroscience Institute of Castilla y León, Spain; her Ph.D. (2014) from the Department of Human Physiology & Neuroscience, University of Oregon, advised by Marjorie Woollacott; and her Post-Doctoral training at the Department of Psychology, New York University, advised by Karen Adolph. Her research focuses on the development of postural control and the coordination of visual and manual actions. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association.

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